The School board


 A school board will assist in the management of the School.

Board members may stand for 24 months before re-election. These members may be re-elected for another term.

If a member of the School Board does not attend 3 management meetings in a row, without having applies for leave of absence, such a person may be replaced on the School Board.

The School Board does not have rights to form sub committees.

The School Board has power to decide school fees, stationery and registration fee charged by the School.

The School Board has the power to organise fund raisers and receive contributions to the School.

The School board has rights to dismiss an educator with sufficient reason.

The School Board does not have rights to sell or purchase property or school equipment.

The School Board will adhere to running of the School based on the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori.


Members of the School Board


Mpho Mphahlele Chairperson

Evelyn Hamese Treasurer

Bogopa Secretary

Patience Senne Member

Machele Member

Judith Nkoana Educator

Fatima Bhikhoo Directress of School

Mohammed Bhikhoo Owner of Property





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